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Nolichucky White Water Rafting

Quick Details

Per Rafter Minimum of 4
Private Guided Whitewater Raft Price per person.
Private Boat for 2 People
Private Guided Whitewater Raft Price per person.
Private Boat for 3 People

Thrilling Whitewater Rafting on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee!

Nolichucky River Outpost
1201 Rock Creek Road
Erwin, TN 37560

This is a high-adventure, all-day rafting experience for beginners ages 9 and older. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, the Nolichucky River Gorge winds through steep-walled canyons and remote, thickly-forested mountains. Come spend the day on an expedition with Wahoos on Nolichucky River whitewater rafting!

The Nolichucky is said to be one of the most technical big water runs in the south and one of the top 10 white water experiences in the country, demanding the coordinated efforts of the raft crew and an experienced guide to navigate the twists, turns, drops and falls of the river. The trip on the Noli is a true wilderness adventure, taking you through the breathtaking rugged beauty of the backwoods of the Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests.

The sheer rock walls of the canyon tower 2,800 feet from the base of the river to the pine-covered peaks of the mountains, a true natural treat for anyone who visits the area. The river drops approximately 66 feet per mile over the first four miles, creating adrenaline-pumping class III and IV rapids. The run can be enjoyed by all but the youngest children, and all experience levels are welcome.

Wahoo’s Nolichucky River Outpost is conveniently located near Erwin, TN and Johnson City, TN to guarantee the shortest shuttle ride on the river, and it uniquely provides restrooms, changing rooms and a gift shop for your pleasure.

During high water conditions, we use self-bailer type rafts. In lower water levels, Wahoo’s has hot dog bun rafts that were built to navigate low water. Either way, the Nolichucky is a full day of both river and earth adventures for your group!

About Nolichucky Rafting

  • Premier white water rafting trip for the family (Ages 9+)
  • 11 miles of class III-IV rapids
  • Guaranteed professional guide in EVERY raft
  • Ideal for guests or large groups who are looking for the best trip in the Western North Carolina and East Tennessee Area
  • 3.5 hours in a complete wilderness setting (Pisgah and Cherokee Nat’l Forest)
  • Disclaimer: The Nolichucky experience is not appropriate for young children. Wahoo’s Adventures reserves the right to refuse service at the time of check-in to guests attempting to register children under 9 years of age and under 60 lbs.

Private Group Raft Tours

This private expedition is designed for adventurers who are looking for a more exclusive rafting experience on the Nolichucky River. Wahoo’s offers private group expeditions for wedding parties, family reunions, boy or girl scouts, corporate workgroups, or if you just have a lot of friends! We can easily accommodate large groups and can offer a private boat option for groups of two or more!

Wahoo’s caters group events and can coordinate with a variety of professional caterers for your group’s riverside celebration.

So whether you have a large group that wants an exclusive trip or you’re a small party that wants a private boat, going private is perfect for you! Wahoo’s private expedition options are ideal for all ages and skill levels, providing trips from peaceful and serene to adventurous and exciting!

Where to Meet

Adventures are at 9:15 am and 2pm.  Please arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes early.
Nolichucky River Outpost
1201 Rock Creek Road
Erwin, TN 37560