New River On-Site Massage Therapy

Visit our onsite massage therapist at the New River Outpost for a great way to relax and heal. Massage therapy can lower stress, anxiety, muscle pain, cramping, fatigue, neck pain, lower back pain, and migraines. It can also help heal injuries and improve posture, breathing, self-confidence, and so much more. Go to or call (541) 510-8487 to book an appointment!

1 hour $85
90 minutes $125
10 minute chair massage $15

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About Onsite Massages
  • What does an appointment look like?
  • Tell Taylor what kind of massage you’re looking for. She draws from a variety of techniques and styles in her work and her goal is to make you feel like a new person when you get off the table. Establish focused sessions addressing an ailment or injury, or relax with a Swedish massage with a choice of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and/or acupressure.

  • What is Swedish massage?
  • Swedish is one of the most well known forms of massage in the U.S.  The primary goal of this massage is to encourage relaxation, circulation, lymph, and stress reduction through long, even gliding strokes that follow the contours of the body, kneading, friction, and tapotement.

  • What are focused sessions?
  • Focused sessions are designed to release chronic patterns of tension in the body and address chronic or acute injuries including surgeries, pulled muscles, headaches/migraines etc… Just ask and we can come up with a plan.  If Taylor can’t help you, she can help direct you to another type of work that might work better.

    Focused bodywork sessions often involve a combination of active isolated stretching, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, active and passive range of motion, sports massage, and/or structural integration.

About the Therapist

Taylor is a licensed body worker and massage therapist and an avid outdoor adventurer and instructor. She has spent her life outdoors studying bodies in movement. Her passion and work has involved teaching people about their bodies and health, practicing massage therapy, and teaching acro yoga, dance, contact improvisation, and outdoor education.