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Coronavirus Policy & Update

Please Read Wahoo’s Covid-19 Statement Prior to Making a Reservation

The Wahoo’s Commitment to Safety Excellence

Wahoo’s is proud that we have had an impeccable safety record for 43 years. We are first committed to your safety, above all else. The recent global health crisis of Covid-19 is unprecedented in the history of our company. We, at Wahoo’s, want to reassure our guests that we have done everything in our power to educate ourselves, to prepare our facilities and our staff as much as humanly possible, in an effort to minimize risk of harm to those who wish to participate in our activities. We want to reassure our guests that, if we work together, we can keep each other safe and have great day on the river while we’re at it!

First and foremost, we want to assure our guests that we have researched Covid-19 and have remained in contact with state and federal legislators throughout this crisis to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding current safety procedures. We have requested and received all publications available to us so that we remain informed and current on rapidly-changing safety regulations. We have participated in several conference calls with federal and state legislators that were specific to the outdoor entertainment industry, and we have had individual one-on-one meetings with safety officials in an effort to cater to the specific needs of our business and our guests.

Outdoor activity is considered healthy when safety precautions have been implemented. In particular, river activities can be physically very good for your health and certainly, mentally good for you, too, especially under these difficult circumstances in which many of us have been staying inside and away from people. We certainly want to encourage each of you to consider the benefits of outdoor activities. River activities are certainly a very good way to resume enriching activities while maintaining a safe distance between others.

Our mission is to provide an amazing experience that truly makes you thankful that you came, while adhering to strict guidelines in an effort to protect each of our guests and our staff. We take pride in our history of excellence, in both safety and enjoyment, and we are working hard to maintain that record. For those reasons, Wahoo’s has made the following changes:

Health of Our Guests and Health Questionnaire

Wahoo’s asks that each of you inform us immediately if you have any of the following conditions:

Flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing or fatigue.
Onset of digestive issues such as stomach pains, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
A recent loss of smell or taste.
Are residing with, or are caring for, someone who has a confirmed Covid-19 viral infection or anyone who has had the aforementioned symptoms which have the potential to be related to Covid-19.
A physician has informed you not to travel or participate in public activities.
A weakened immune system due to autoimmune or other conditions.

Making the Choice to Reserve
If you are healthy, we encourage you to consider river activities. If you have a compromised immune system, we recommend that you consult your physician and follow your doctor’s recommendation.

As of now, our cancellation policy stands in effect, and a decision will be made by Wahoo’s administrators as to whether your situation meets the requirements of a cancellable health emergency. Certainly, medical documentation will be required to ensure that we make the right decision for everyone. We ask that you attend your reservation as expected if you are healthy due to the nature of our business, as we have staff and equipment ready for you in advance. We appreciate your understanding regarding these policy changes. We are all in this “boat” together.

Waiver Forms
Our new waiver form includes a statement regarding Covid-19. You can find this form on our website. It is highly recommended waivers be completed in advance by each of our guests, as to minimize contact with our check-in staff who are indoors. We will have a place for you to turn in your waiver forms when you arrive.

Preparing for Your Adventure

PPE/Face Masks
Wahoo’s encourages our patrons come prepared with personal protective equipment (PPE), if at all possible. PPE masks are required in vans and while inside our outposts. PPE is not required while outdoors, although we ask that you be mindful of a safe social distance. Our staff will be wearing PPE whenever we are in contact with our guests. If you cannot bring your own PPE mask, Wahoo’s does have them available for purchase. We hope that you understand that our goal is not to profit from the sale of masks, but to ensure that we continue to have them available and in supply for those who truly need to purchase them from us.

Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washing and Disinfectants
Wahoo’s is doing everything we can to minimize the risk of infection and cross-contamination. We are paying particular attention to the safety of hard surfaces. We are rotating our equipment and sanitizing them between guests. We are also frequently disinfecting all hard surfaces. We ask that you bring had sanitizer with you whenever possible. We will have hand sanitizer and microbial soap available for you as well. We recommend that you wash your hands frequently and are maintaining good personal hygiene.

Shuttling, Vans, Distancing, and Group Size
Wahoo’s asks that you maintain a safe six foot distance between your group and other groups while on our property and on the river. This substantially minimizes any risk that could potentially be out there. We will no longer be shuttling guests who are of different parties together and vans will be sanitized with spray disinfectant and surface disinfectant prior to allowing another group into our vans. If you choose, you may drop off your party at the river put-in location and then we will shuttle one of you back to the put-in as an additional health precaution. This will need to be coordinated with our office staff in advance. We are still accepting any group size as we are fortunate to own expansive riverside properties that allow space for social distancing. However, if your group is larger than 10 people, in adherence to state and federal guidelines, your group will be shuttled in groups of ten or less. Your group may travel together down the river if you so choose.

In Closure
It is our ultimate goal to encourage those who are able to get outside on the river and spend time with your families. We feel that people need us to provide that for them whenever possible. We cannot tell you how much it will mean to you to share our adventures with your loved ones, especially during these trying times. We are passionate about what we do and what we have to offer. We want to absolutely assure our guests that we are making every effort to put your safety first, as we always have, even in these unprecedented times. We also humbly request that you all do your part to help others stay safe. We understand that there is always potential risk out there, but we are doing everything we can to minimize all risks, including those presented by Covid-19. We love our guests. We are committed to our guests. And we wish every one of you safety, happiness and a lot of river run! We hope to see y’all on the river!